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Cocktail book author, Sam Slaughter, captures the spirit of the 90's

What do the '90s taste like? If this is something you’ve been pondering, you’re in luck! Food and drink writer, Sam Slaughter, has captured the spirit of the decade in his cocktail book "Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum?: and Other Cocktails for '90s Kids" with delightful concoctions like "I'm too sexy for this grog" and "Pickelodeon." 

This was a really fun and thought-provoking conversation. From talking to Sam, I learned that there’s so much more to crafting nostalgic cocktails than witty puns and repeating old catch phrases. You have to consider the cultural context of then and now, recognize that not everything was perfect in the time we pine for, and though you’re playing with something that’s already been done before it’s still important to create something new with it.  Pulling off nostalgia can be tricky —  it takes a lot of work, research, and a fluency in the decade you’re referencing.  In the case of “Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum,” Sam clearly is a master at both the language of the 90’s and the language of cocktails. 

I really enjoyed talking to Sam about how much went into studying up on the pop culture of the best decade of the century, and what he had to consider when turning fond memories into original cocktails.

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