American as Pumpkin Pie

What does "American as apple pie" even mean?

If you haven’t noticed by my published work, I am a nerd. Any chance I get to drop a random factoid, a nugget of nerdery, a taste of the trivial, I will do so. But it has been my curiosity that has always set my work apart, oftentimes leading me to gigs that have been incredibly rewarding. In fact, my pursuit of the peculiar has been the guiding force directing me down the non-traditional career path I’m currently on.

I’ve always dreamed of being a Bill Nye or a Ms. Frizzle. Someone who could make learning fun and funny - an “Edu-tainer” if you will. I, in my full nerd glory, would someday like to be what kids are hoping to see when the teacher wheels the TV cart into the classroom. An engaging, entertaining, Encyclopedia Kae Lanica.

I’m one step closer to that dream thanks to a new digital series that I’m hosting (and helping to research and write) called Delishtory on WHYY. It’s delicious, it’s history — it’s Delishtory! Each episode we’ll be exploring the history behind some of our favorite foods.

The first episode digs into the concept of "American as apple pie,” in which I discuss how apples were actually used by colonist as a tool for westward expansion. I then pose the argument that the pumpkin pie should be adopted as America's official pie. Watch and find out why!

New episodes will be coming out every Wednesday at 11am on WHYY’s YouTube channel! So if you enjoyed this episode, prepare yourself, because there’s a whole lot more where this came from! Subscribe and don’t miss a single episode of Delishtory!

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Kae Lani Palmisano is the Emmy nominated host of WHYY's Check, Please! Philly, a television show that spotlights restaurants throughout the Philadelphia region. She also hosts and helps write Delishtory on WHYY, a digital series that dives into the history of foods we love. Kae Lani is also a food and travel writer who enjoys exploring the history and culture of cuisine.