A new quest for Side Quests

I'm leveling up to a new brand!

This post was originally published on Side Quests before it was rebranded to Amuse-Bouche.

I’m the kind of person that learns by doing. It applies to both the way I learn about the world outside of myself, as well as the world within myself. I find that the only way to get to know what I like and what interests me is to try — try everything that strikes my fancy!

This usually means that I’m learning in motion, and by extension, I am creating in motion. Movement and the act of doing is an integral element to my creative process and workflow. When I embark on any project, I start with a broad idea and I begin to carve out the project as I go along. It’s in the consistent molding of my ideas when a project truly begins to take shape. Which, if you think about it, that’s the natural evolution and progression of all things.

Sometimes my projects are set aside for a later day, sometimes they shoot off into other “side quests,” and sometimes my projects evolve into an entity that has truly found its voice and rhythm. In fact, Side Quests was an idea from several years ago that never left the gestation period until I decided to launch this newsletter.

But Side Quests was just that — a side mission where I gained experience points and learned more about the world of newsletters. It’s been a project that got me into a rhythm, and as I explored what felt right for this space, a new voice emerged:

I’d like you to meet Amuse-Bouche, food stories meant to delight and amuse!

Amuse-bouche literally translates to “amuse the human mouth.” During a meal, it’s the little bite of food served as an appetizer or in between dishes as a palate cleanser. Either way, amuse-bouche is food created solely to entertain, delight and amuse!

Amuse-Bouche perfectly encapsulates my approach to all of my work. In all that I do, I am an “Edutainer” (an educator and entertainer). Whether I’m exploring dining on Check, Please! Philly, diving deep into the history of food on Delishtory, or writing about unique perspectives on food for KitchenAid and USA TODAY 10Best, I’m enthusiastic about sharing stories that are amusing and interesting — the stories that make you think about food differently.

Amuse-Bouche is an “edu-taining” palate cleanser that’s meant to enrich your dining experience and broaden your perspective on food.

I’ve always believed that food is so much more than what’s on our plates. So, in addition to recipes and beautiful photos of dishes I’m cooking up in my kitchen, expect more stories that connect the dots between food, the world, and where we are in the vast and complex constellations of our food systems.

I’ll also be investigating small ways to level up our cooking (think along the lines of Deluxe Grilled Cheeses). This might be hyper-focusing on a specific ingredient, cookware, kitchen gear, etc. — this isn’t in an attempt to sell you anything, but it will be an attempt to spark a conversation with you about “how can I use this” and “will it make my cooking better,” because, honestly, I have those questions too!

You can also expect interviews with food experts and enthusiasts alike on an array of topics — basically, anything that’s meant to delight and amuse! This will be the Amuse-Bouche Podcast since Substack has a lovely podcast feature. I know, for all of you who have recorded podcast episodes with me that never got released, this is likely where that will pop up. Like I said, sometimes I pursue projects that are set aside for a while before reemerging!

I’m excited to take this journey with you! If you have any recommendations of topics you’d like me to explore, things you’d like to see, or if you know of someone I should interview for the Amuse-Bouche Podcast, please comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Next Steps

Side Quests will stay up but will no longer be updated. All subscribers have been automatically subscribed to Amuse-Bouche. To all of my paid subscribers, I’ll be canceling your subscription and will be reaching out to you.

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Kae Lani Palmisano is the Emmy® Award-Winning TV host of WHYY's Check, Please! Philly, a show that spotlights restaurants throughout the Philadelphia region. She also hosts and helps write Delishtory on WHYY, a digital series that dives into the history of foods we love. Kae Lani is also a food and travel writer who enjoys exploring the history and culture of cuisine.